12 years of pain

i have had a really bad headache for the last 12 years. it started of maybe twice a week it hurt but the last year or 2 it hurts at least once a day.it only hurts on the left side (i think it starts at the top of the neck at the base of the skull could be wrong but the whole left side hurts.it has different levels of pain just hurting enough to let me know its there,then it could goto alot more pain but bearable, then it can hurt so bad i vomit really un bearable.

it hardly ever hurts when im at work standing upbut never fails half way home it starts.i cant lean back and rest my head in the recliner or sleep on my back cuz it star hurting wqke me up from a dead sleep, not still sleepy awake but full awake a hurting. no tylonel or other headache helps or pain medication such as vicodin oxycodone, hydrocodone does absolutly nothing.the best thing that helps is tieing something around my head putting pressure on it or a hot shower on the top of my head. nothing helps when its full blast thank god it onlyy hurts that bad for about 1 hour.

been to the emergency room couple times and they dont know but they did a cat scan when they found out it woke me up from a dead sleep but it came back normal. im starting to think its not a headache but a nerve or something becuz when it hurts the worst it makes evewrything hurt on the left side sinus cavity included,but unlike headaches(migraines) loud noise or bright lights dont make worse.

somebody please help i cant deal with this no more



You don't give your age but I am going to assume you are under the age of 50.

Believe it or not, severe tension type headache can be accompanied by nausea and rarely vomiting. Pain that starts at the base of the skull and then causes a headache in the front of the head may have a cervicogenic component.

One other thing it could be is chronic paroxsysmal hemicrania. This is a type of headache that occurs 100% of the time on one side of the head. It is considered a subset of cluster headache as the headache occurs in a cyclic fashion..the same time every day.

It is a little unusual that pain killers have had no effect on this headache. That tells me you need IV infusions to break the pain, so you need a specialist.

Clearly your headaches have become severe enough that it is interfering with your life. I would strongly recommend that you see a neurologist and preferably a headache specialist, as you also need to have an MRI of the brain. This is more specific than a CT scan. Call your doctor as soon as you can to get a recommendation for a neurologist.

Good luck!!
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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20 years of headaches

by Kyle

As a small child(2 years old), I had a skull fracture and a brain bleed. Had surgery and was hospitalized for a few weeks. Lost a lot of blood and was able to walk for about a month.

Now 20 years later I am having frequent headaches, and my hormones are out of balance. I am still growing too. I am 6'3'. I haven't had a brain scan since I was 15, which was normal. But I am now wondering if I am having complications from the trauma from this fracture as a child.

I can't worry my parents with this right now, for my mother has stage 4 colon cancer and isn't doing well. I don't need to stress her any more than she already is. I am a male ,23 years old,only child.



Hi Kyle,

It sounds like you have been having headaches since this injury, unless I read it wrong. A severe skull fracture with bleed could lead to
post traumatic headaches. What makes things worse over time is any history of other head injuries, such as MVA whiplash or even sports injuries (basketball, football?).

If you have not had an MRI of the brain since you were 15 it is high time you had another. It should be done with and without contrast with attention to the pituitary gland. Rarely a small cyst or benign tumor called an adenoma, can impact hormone levels and affect growth and testosterone production in a young man your age.

Recognize too that stress does play a role in any headache profile. What you are going through with your Mom right now, may be fueling some of the headaches.

Since you live in Georgia, here is a national list of headache specialists by state that you can download. I would advise that you get to one of them to get everything sorted out. Try to minimize use of over the counter meds to 10 days a month to avoid analgesic rebound headaches.

Best of luck..
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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