Valentine Headaches

Valentine's Day Are you and your valentine both suffering from your headaches? Many times the stress of a chronic invisible illness will create quite a strain on a relationship. The caregiver or partner may not understand the pain of headaches and wonders what you have done to cause this.

This type of thinking creates irritation and anger which eventually comes spilling out and directed at you, the headache person. As if you don't have enough headaches!!

So how do you maintain a relationship in the face of chronic illness?

Keep talking.. Lack of communication creates misunderstanding, assumptions that are wrong and worse case scenerio..distance.

  • Tips On Maintaining Relationships

First of all, be kind to yourself and try not to be too hard on your partner. If this person has never had severe pain then they trully do not get it or know where you are coming from.

Try not to feel guilty for being sick! I know, easier said than done! But try to realize that you really haven't done any thing wrong just because you have migraines. It just is. Period.

Take time this month to make a date with each other. Many times I will ask a couple "When was the last time you went out together?" and I get a blank stare. So plan a night out, even if all you do is sit and talk in a coffee shop..get someone to watch the kids and have fun!

Recognize your own limitations.If you need time alone because of your pain, it's OK!

Lifestyle with your partner OK..what does this have to do with headaches? Well those lifestyle changes that you know you should do, but haven't gotten around to, are easier with another person. Chances are the partner isn't perfect right? So you could both exercise together, and walking is a great way to start..gotta talk to each other while walking too!

Chocolate on Valentine's Day I had to mention this since so many people think chocolate causes headaches..not true! It is just that prodrome of craving sweets. It comes on, you eat chocolate and then comes the headache. So go ahead..if your sweetie buys you chocolate, have some. Doesn't mean you'll get a headache. Read more about the headache chocolate connection.

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