Ultram For Headache

Ultram for headache is what many people try first when they begin to get headaches that are moderate to severe. They go to a health care professional,sometimes the ER, sometimes the family doc.

If the headaches are mild, or occasional tension headaches, you really don't bother the doctor now do you?

Unfortunately, many patients have their pain initially treated with opioids, anti-inflammatories and drugs like Ultram for migraine headaches.

While these drugs may stop a severe headache quickly when first used, they serve little purpose in the presence of chronic headaches and migraines.

Drugs like Lortab, Tylenol with codeine and Ultram will lead to analgesic rebound headache syndrome when used more than twice a week for several months.

Now don't get me wrong. We have a few selected patients that benefit from these drugs for their headaches, and they may have other diagnoses that warrant the use of them. These include patients any of the following:

  • Post stroke headaches
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Uncontrolled hypertension (NOTE:uncontrolled)
  • True allergies to triptans
  • True allergies to ergotamines
  • Post viral meningimus (irritation of meninges)
  • Head pain after dental procedures

But, for the most part, in our headache clinic, we do not start patients on opioids or ultram for headache.

It should be mentioned that although I spoke at length about anti-inflammatories (the over the counter stuff) CAUSING more headaches, we do use them sparingly.

How is that?? Well, the drug Naprosyn has been shown to be very effective in stopping migraines faster when combined with a triptan such as Imitrex. This combo we do recommend. Read more about Imitrex and naprosyn.

Another study demonstrated that use of an anti-inflammatory 10 days per month or less actually confers protection against migraines. 10 days per month or more results in analgesic rebound headaches, now called headache due to medication overuse.

Generally, Ultram for headache is not the first choice, but if you have medical conditions that prohibit use of triptans for migraines, then speak to your doctor or neurologist about this option.

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