Symptoms Of Mild Anxiety Attack

Symptoms of mild anxiety attack can actually provoke other conditions such as a migraine. With mild anxiety you may not get the chest pain or sweating which occur with more severe anxiety attack symptoms. Instead, the symptoms can be just a general sense of unease, as if something doesn't feel right but you don't know what it is.


You might feel vaguely nervous and again you are unsure why. Your hands may tremble for unknown reasons, even when you are not in the situation that causes the anxiety.

What many people don't realize is that the symptoms of mild anxiety can occur away from the situation causing the feelings.

For example..let's say your job is extremely stressful and you are becoming more and more worried about it. But you are noticing symptoms when you are at home that are consistent with anxiety. Inability to sleep at night and thinking about the job, hands are shaking while doing normal activities at home, and perhaps even mild abdominal pain are all symptoms of mild anxiety attack.

How Do I Manage Symptoms Of Mild Anxiety Attack?

mild anxiety Many times these types of feelings can be managed though lifestyle changes. Now this doesn't mean quit the job, but take a good look at how the job affects you. We all have stress..but how do you cope with it? Do you take time off for yourself and get away from everything?

Things you can do to reduce anxiety:

  • exercise, exercise, exercise
  • daily vitamins, expcially B2 and B12 which support mood
  • regular sleep, 8 hours per night
  • yoga for relaxation
  • biofeedback for stress reduction

One thing to remember with causes of anxiety attacks is to keep an open mind. Treatment can involve many venues such as psychotherapy with a counselor, psychiatric services to monitor medications and lifestyle changes such as regular exercise. Symptoms of mild anxiety may respond to natural remedies for anxiety, unless you are having more severe anxiety attack symptoms

Keep in mind that you have the right to a peaceful, joyful life. Don't settle for anything else. It is up to you to make it happen and with the right tools and the proper encouragement, this can happen.

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