Sex, Pregnancy and Migraines

by Sarah

I'm Sarah, 24 years old
i was having my migraines since i'm a little kid. It started about when i was 8 years old.
it starts like twice a year then gradually increased to fill my whole life.
it reached at the point of my teenage life to the maximum. i could woke up with a migraine and sleep for the whole day.

the Symptoms you knew for sure .. but the worest that sometimes my whole body got numb and i couldn't even move an arm and my tongue got numb and it felt soooo sick.

when i was 18 years old i started to take medication for it because other pain killers wouldn't do any help.

i started with Depakine (Depakote) then it messed with my body severely .. my period stopped for 8 months and my ovaries got lazy to Produce any eggs, i got fat and gained 20 kilos over my weight.

i suffer for lots of years until now with that issues, i changed medicines and doctors .. then i'm now on Topmax 50mg 2x1 each night and losing my weight (lost 12 kilos), my period is back again but it's not really regular .. it could come once every two months or three times a month.
My migraines stopped from happening like every day to be just depends on my mood, hormones and the food i eat.

Now i'm getting married in the end of August and This would be my first time to have sex and i don't know if the migraine increases with sex or it's normal??

what if i'm planning to get pregnant right away, not using any condoms or thing to prevent pregnancy. Should me using Topmax hurt my baby or me?

If i should stop using Topmax, when i should do? .. starting from now or starting from getting married and start having a sexual life?

sorry for being so long.



Hi Sarah,

First of all congrats on getting married!

I am glad you are on Topamax now, as that will definitely help with the weight loss caused by the other drug. Since you had such menstrual irregularities on the Depakote, I would wonder if PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) has been ruled out. You would have to see a gynecologist to discuss this, but if a woman has PCOS, Depakote could make it much worse.

As far as migraine and sexual relations are concerned, if you are having a migraine, sex could intensify the pain. Rarely it causes a migraine and if so, propranolol is a good preventative medication for this. You can also take propranolol if trying to get pregnant. If you do find you are pregnant, contact your neurologist and OB/GYN right away. Usually you can taper off the drug quickly. If you are taking more than 200mg per day at that point, do not stop it suddenly as rarely that could provoke a seizure.

The episodes of numbness all over the body are usually tied to anxiety. Anxiety and migraine are tied together very closely.

Make sure you are doing the lifestyle changes necessary to keep migraines under good control.

Good luck and have a great wedding day!

Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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