Seroquel Be Used For Anxiety?

Can Seroquel be used for anxiety? Seroquel (quintiaprine) can be used to treat headaches in addition to it's primary use as and anti-psychotic. For those who have had severe mental illness, medications such as Seroquel, Zyprexa (olanzapine) and Geodan (ziprasidone) have had very beneficial effects. At times patients who have migraines and other types of headaches will also have anxiety.

In relation to seroquel and headaches the dosing used is very small when compared to that used for psychosis. In fact, the doses that I use for headaches and chronic migraines have only a small effect on mood. If someone is mildly depressed, this medication may have some benefit in addition to helping with the headaches.

As far as anxiety. is concerned, seroquel is not the best medication for anxiety. Clinical experience and many years of research have demonstrated that there are much better medications. A couple of the SSRI's (Paxil and Lexapro) have the anxiety indication and are excellent for mild to moderated anxiety. They have effects that start quickly, within 7-10 days and the side effect profile is low.

For panic attacks, I have found that a fast acting benzodiazapine, Klonopin (clonazapam) works quite well. It has far less addictive properties than others in the class such as Ativan (lorazapam) and Xanax (aprazolam).

But can Seroquel be used for anxiety? Yes, it is definitely worth a try if all other medications have either failed or caused severe side effects. There may be an issue with medication interactions with the benzodiazpines and although Seroquel does have drug interactions, they are not as numerous as the benzodiazapines.

Other Anxiety Treatments

Keep in mind that anxiety, like many other conditions, can be mild, moderate or severe. Severe anxiety means you cannot function on a daily basis and your anxiety is creating physical symptoms such as tremors, chest pains and nausea. Mild to moderate anxiety may be sucessfully treated with regular exercise 3-4 times a week. This raises the brain's serotonin levels and lowers anxiety. Valarian tea at night time can also help with sleep and anxiety as can Kava supplements.

Severe anxiety, however, is best left to the professionals and in this case medications can really help. Unfortunately, with severe anxiety comes irrational thinking at times and many people refuse to believe that they need help or that they should take any medication. (I'm not taking those pills..I heard they cause side effects!!)

Generally, it is best to talk to your medical provider first before trying to diagnose yourself or someone else. Although you might have anxiety attack symptoms, there are many things that can cause anxiety so don't try to self diagnose or treat. Talk to your doctor to get the answer to the question "Can Seroquel be used for anxiety?".

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