Relaxation Techniques For Children

Relaxation techniques for children can be effective in reducing headaches and migraine. Often children can become stressed for a variety of reasons and not even realize that they are stressing out..this is because children have difficulty sorting out their feelings and may need adult guidance.

As an adult, one thing you can do is gently talk to your child and sort out what is causing the stress..remember, children pick up on stress within the home too and rely on adults to keep them feeling safe. Therefore, you should not let your young child know everything that may be going wrong with you (job, marriage) but just assure them that you will be there for them.

Here are some possible stressors on young children:

  • School grades
  • A teacher
  • Participation in sports
  • Bullying by other children
  • Divorce or separation of parents

As an adult, you can help your child learn relaxation techniques for kids. Take a look at what they are doing on a weekly basis..if the schedule is TOO crowded with activities, take something off the plate.

Children need down time and play time, just like us! In fact it is healthy for them..get them away from the gaming, the TV's and send them outside with friends. Allow time for imagination through reading books and not just ones required for school.

6 Relaxation Techniques For Children

If you are a parent of a child who needs to learn these, when you first start out, consider actually doing the techniques with your child. Being there confers safe feelings for the child, and it also tells them that it is OK to do this even when you are grown up!

Try some of these and see if they help:

  • Picture yourself happy, or as my Mother used to say "think of a happy place". Good examples? The playground, going on a picnic, playing with friends.
  • Calm your mind. This is a type of meditation, so you will have to learn this first then teach your child.
  • Massage your child. A soft neck and back rub before sleep goes a long way towards relaxation.
  • Show your child love. Regular hugs, kisses and an "I love you" daily helps build esteem.
  • Take time out from activities. Children need to rest just like everyone else. In today's fast paced society, they are coming home, studying all hours, working part time etc etc.
  • Try music. Now by this I mean calming music, not rap or rock and roll! Studies have shown that classical music can sooth and help someone to meditate.

Here is a site with free relaxation techniques for children at Relaxing Traquility Moments . When practicing these techniques, it is also important to set aside a certain time frame a couple of times a week to begin with. Choose a quiet room, usually somewhere where there is NO phone (yes cell phone off), but you can listen to music, perhaps light a candle if you want.

All of this goes a long way in relaxation techniques for children and can reduce stress and thereby reduce headaches.

Remember, younger patients (under 12) should be treated by a pediatric neurologist if migraines are severe and your child is losing time from school and/or activities. More information on different types of headaches.

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