Reglan Side Effects: Cause Of Reglan Lawsuit?

Just what are the reglan side effects? Additionally, just what is reglan?

There has been a lot of press in recent years about Reglan (metaclopramide). I routinely get questions about it due to the fact that I prescribe anti-nausea drugs for treatment of symptoms of migraine.

Reglan or metaclopramide, is a medication that has been used to treat nausea for decades. It comes in quite handy when treating migraine headache symptoms. Indeed, what many headache sufferers do NOT know is that it also treats headaches!

When it comes to migraines, Reglan can work in two ways on the brain. First of all it hits those nausea migraine receptor sites and it also impacts pain receptor sites in the brain.

Reglan Lawsuit

The FDA issued a 'black box' warning about Reglan. (What?) Well this is an item in the package insert of the drug that is surrounded by a thick black box. It tells providers whats important adverse reactions to the drug might occur. Note I said MIGHT. Also, keep in mind that side effects are NOT listed in terms of severity. No where in package inserts does it say that "dizziness" was severe, yet patients become frightened and will not take something once they read this. I am referring to side effects only, not adverse events that could, or have caused death.

The issue with the lawsuit is stemming from chronic use of Reglan on a daily basis for GI symptoms. This is usually prescribed by GI specialists, not necessarily neurologists. If used chronically, symptoms start and may result in permanent problems. Hence the lawsuit.

When Reglan is used to treat nausea and vomiting of acute migraine, it is very safe! Indeed it calms both symptoms and allows you to get to sleep. Sleep is know to break a migraine.

Tardive Dyskinesia

Chronic use of this drug can sometimes result in problems. Chronic refers to daily use over 12 weeks. People may start exhibiting movement problems that start with a tremor in the hands. Here are some of the other symptoms:

  • Writhing movements of the arms, legs or trunk
  • Tremor in hands, whether moving or at rest
  • Facial grimicing
  • Torticollis or spasm
  • Involuntary movements of mouth, tongue, jaw
  • Parkinson's like symptoms of slowness
  • Motor restlessness such as foot tapping
reglan side effects

While some symptoms of reglan side effects are readily reversed by taking benadryl, when patients take Reglan for years and develop parkinsonian symptoms, those might be permanent. Cessation of the drug usually results in improvement of symptoms, but they may not disappear entirely. Each person is different, and it also depends on how long the drug was taken.

If you have concerns about Reglan side effects, contact your provider. If you are taking it one or two times a week to treat a migraine you are probably alright.

Here is a complete review of headache and migraine medication.

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