Prescription Coupons: How To Get Free Prescription Drugs!

Prescription coupons are easier to obtain that you think! Many companies who make the best headache medications such as Treximet offer coupons online for free co-pays if you have a prescription plan. When Treximet was launched, GSK pharmaceuticals was offering $50 per month for the first three months to offset co-pay costs.

But what to do if you don't have health insurance? One option is to consider a discount card for prescription drugs when you want to save money. Another option is to ask your healthcare provider for free samples if this is a brand medication. Unfortunately, generic drug manufacturers do not give out samples.

It also helps to compare prescription prices at a few pharmacies before buying. You can get a discount drug card from eHealth insurance online.

Patient Assistance Programs

If you are having financial trouble you do not have to choose between your medications and whether to buy food. There are hundreds of programs called Patient Assistant Programs (PAP) that provide free online doctor prescriptions. If not free, they may be low cost and something you can afford with the above mentioned discount card. Even moderate income families can qualify.

So how to you qualify for these PAP's? It is easier than you think. Usually you have to be a U.S. citizen, have no prescription coverage and have income at or below certain levels depending on the program. Many of the programs will ask you for proof of income, such as last year's income tax return and they may also ask for proof of identity. You will also have to have a currnt valid prescription from your doctor.

Keep in mind that each application for a medication is for one person only. If you need prescription medications for your child then you must fill out separate forms for this.

Headache Medications

The following pharmaceutical companies all have prescription coupons and PAPs. You will need to initiate the requests through your doctor. We do this often in our office and have the forms necessary to get the ball rolling so to speak. Be prepared to offer proof of income and some companies are taking into account the fact that you may have lost your job recently.

More Websites For Assistance

There are many PAP's available and at first it can be very overwhelming. Where to start? Begin with what is called a single point of entry website. These are websites that have information on most of the programs available.

Access2Wellness at access2wellness.com The programs here include Janssen Ortho Patient Assistance Foundation, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, Together Rx Access, Medicare Prescrip Drug Coverage Program (Medicare Part D), prescription coupons, and some state and local programs.

NeedyMeds at www.needymeds.com Provides information about PAPs that provide no cost prescription medications to eligible patients.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance at www.pparx.org This one was formed by the pharmaceutical companies to offer a single point of access to more than 475 public and private programs including those PAPs and prescription coupons offered by the drug companies.

RxAssist at www.rxassist.org This website has a database of other PAPs as well as tools and articles.

Rx Hope at www.rxhope.com This site acts as a guide through everything when you feel like you are in a maze! It lists state and federal program information links.

Last but not least.. once again, don't forget to ask your provider for samples!! This can really help. The less you worry about where to get medications, the less stress and fewer headaches you will have. Free prescription drugs and prescription coupons are available..you just have to look for them.

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