ongoing migraine for 2 weeks now

by alicia
(charlotte MI usa)

Hi my name is Alicia and I an 18 years o. I have had a migraine now for two years. I went to a doctor a few years ago for chronic migraines and she told me that it was menstrual migraines and for a while it seemed to he true. Until I started getting them at all times of the month.

I moved last year and went to a new doctor who told me they were chronic migraines. She put me on a different medicine to take (imitrex). That worked for awhile but now I'm having the problem of getting 2 to 3 headaches each week.

On July 5th I got a migraine. I took my imitrex Nd nothing happened. I tried taking 1000 miligrams of tylonel and 600 mgs of ibruprofen like my doctor suggested. Nothing hapless. So I lied down and went to bed.

On the 9th I went to a doctor in Arkansas where I am vacationing and he gave me fioricet because my migraine still hasn't gone away. The mdledicine worked for a little while Nd then stopped. Now on July 18 the I still have the same migraine. I have tried a muscle relaxer, and hot and cold compresanr
A hot shower, sleeping a dark room. Tykonol ex excederin migraine formula ibruprofen a seizure/headache pill. None of these things work longer than an hour

When I go back home to Michigan in august I am going to get an mri and ct scan. Until then what should I do and what could be causing this?

Also I smoke about a pack in a week or two and have for about a year now.



Hi Alicia,

At this point clearly you are in status migrainosus which is a migraine that is over 3 days in length.

I am going to assume at age 18 you are pretty much adult weight so the Immitrex should be 100mg. Unfortunately at this point oral medications have been shown to have little effect.

I would recommend you go to an urgent care center or to the ER. The ER might be best as they can give you an injection of toradol (a stronger anti-inflammatory) and really break the headache for you.

If you are having 2-3 headaches per week you need to talk to your doctor about a trial of a prophylactic medication for a few months.

Oh yeah..quit smoking please. It is definitely fueling your migraines and making them increase over time. Nicotine irritates nerve tissue. My doctor, Dr. Mechtler, will tell anyone who listens that over 95% of his brain tumor patients are/were smokers. So I will speak for him and strongly recommend you quit.

Best of luck..hope you feel better.
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

hi, this is alicia again. i wanted to respond to you directly with what i previously posted.

i went to the ER in Dumas, Arkansas, and they sent me to a doctor because "there was nothing they could do". so i went to their doctor and he gave me Fioricet and it seemed to work for the first day, but did nothing the next. i also have recieved a toradol shot, and it did nothing to relieve my symptoms at that time(which was a month prior to my condition now). now, it has been 8 days since i took the doctor prescribed medicine, and i still have a migraine. making it 2 weeks and 2 days that i have been in this situation.

the Immitrex was 100mg

i will do my best to quit smoking. at 5"10, i weigh a little over 200 pounds. so a little above the "healthy weight".

thank you so much for your help!


At this point you do need IV infusions to break the cycle of pain. IV steroid might help and then follow that with a Medrol dose pak which is a tapering dose of steroid. The ER should be able to do this for you.

Mary Kay

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