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Top of the Head Headache and Vision Issues
by: Anonymous

I am 48 years old and began having top of my head headaches about a month ago. I also experience something very strange when I have one of these headaches. I can see without my glasses. I've worn glasses since I was 12, and each year my eyes have either gotten worse or stayed the same.

I am concerned at what this could be caused from. I have many food allergies and have been taking care of what I eat but the head aches are still continuing. I would go to the doctor but I do not have insurance. I don't know what to do. The headaches are becoming a constant annoying friend. i have been taking feverfew, an herb that has helped with migraines I used to get.

Just wonder what it could be that causes a headache on the top of my head and causes my vision to miraculously get better, without my glasses.


Although many times headache on top of the head is related to the neck, this does NOT hold true if there are neurological symptoms. It is concerning that you are having visual changes during the headache. Insurance or not, you need to see your doctor.

Good luck!
Mary Kay

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