Mom Concerned About Seizures

by elizabeth

My son has been complaining about a headache and then his eye starts to hurt,then he feels like vomiting.

So i took him to his doctor and they referred him to a neurology so we took him and by me telling him what was going on he said he had migraine headaches. then he had a ct and he told me he was having absence epilepsy but all he complains are headaches what can i do i dont like the idea of having my 8yr old on keppra.



Hi Elizabeth,

While I understand your concerns, epilepsy is not something to go untreated. Why? Because chronic untreated seizures can actually cause scarring in the left temporal lobe of the brain, also called mesial temporal sclerosis. Has he had an EEG done to confirm the epilepsy? If not it should be ordered.

Keppra is a good choice for him. It is what we call a "clean drug". It does not go through the liver and therefore has very few side effects, in fact almost none. Sometimes I hear dizziness which can happen to anyone on an anti-seizure medication, but usually it wears off in a few weeks.

Keppra also can treat the migraines, and by the way, there is a 5% overlap between migraine and epilepsy. In other words 5% of migraineurs have seizures and vice versa.

Absence seizures occur mostly in children and happen when the child is "staring off into space" usually for about 10 seconds or so. They may or may not have trouble talking during this time.

Talk to the neurologist and he/she will help you determine how long your son will have to be on the Keppra.

Good luck!

Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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