Migraine And CoEnzymeQ


Migraine and coenzymeQ are getting some decent press in recent years and researchers are seriously looking at this supplement to treat migraine.

For several years, doctors have been aware of the cardiovascular benefits of CoenzymeQ. When I was a student, the cardiologist I did a clinical rotation with was then putting every patient on 200mg per day.

In 2002, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Headache Center discovered that CoenzymeQ can significantly reduce the number of migraines over a period of three months. Like other supplements and vitamins for migraine, Coenzyme Q10 may be of benefit.

In the study looking at migraine and Coenzyme Q, 150mg of CoenzymeQ was taken daily for three months. I should note to you that at the current time, many practicioners are recommending 200-300mg per day for prevention of migraine.

The results of the study demonstrated that more than 61% of migraine patients had a greater than 50% reduction in their headaches while on the supplement. They also dropped from 7.34 days of headache per month to 2.95! Clearly this is an improvement, so if you want to try this it might help, and if you have cardiovascular risk factors then basically this supplement will help in both areas.

As for side effects of Coenzyme Q..well I haven't heard of any but as always if you have concerns, discuss it with your provider.

Can you take this supplement with other vitamins and supplements? Sure! As a matter of fact, when combined with magnesium and with additional headache herbal remedies this may just keep your headaches away. Many of my patients opt to stay on herbal and vitamin supplements after we get their headaches under control, which means one headache per month that is easily treated.

I can't say enough about the benefits of alternative therapies when it comes to management of chronic pain such as migraine. I tell every new patient who enters the practice, that those who make the changes recommended are the ones leaving us the soonest. Those who don't are still our patients 5 years later.

Don't forget, Coenzyme Q has to be part of your overall care when treating headaches. When combined with other lifestyle changes coenzymeQ is just one piece of the puzzle in a headache profile.

Source: Rozen TD, et al. Cephalalgia. 2002;22:137-141.

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