Midrin may or may not be the best headache medication, depending on different types of migraines. This medication is not a single drug, but rather a combination drug containing Acetaminophen, Isometheptene and Dichloralphenazone. Acetaminphen is Tylenol and is a pain killer.

Dichloralphenazone is a mild sedative and isometheptene is a vasoconstrictor. So all together, tylenol kills pain, the sedative helps you sleep with a bad migraine and the vasoconstrictor works to narrow that artery that is causing the throbbing and pounding in your head.

How Is Midrin Used?

Midrin is a good medication for migraine headache symptoms if you cannot take other medications such as Treximet. It has the advantage of working quickly to get pain under control.

Reasons NOT to take a triptan like Imitrex or Treximet include:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • coronary artery disease
  • uncontrolled hypertension
  • allergy to naprosyn or tylenol

Side Effects

Additionally, this medication does have side effects. You should not take this if operating machinery or driving a car because of the sedation. It is also a vasoconstrictor so if you have coronary artery disease or hypertension you should not take this drug. Dizziness or lightheadedness may also occur, as can upset stomach, tingling and a sense of anxiety.

What If It Doesn't Work?

Some people find that this medication has too many side effects including the sedation and lightheadedness due to the vasoconstrictor. If this is so, you might consider butabital as a option as long as you don't take it more that twice a week. Taking it more often may result in analgesic rebound headaches.

As of 2011, Midrin is technically off the market. Why? Lack of use, small market share when compared to use of triptans and anti-inflammatories. Now what? If you have a prescription for Midrin you can have a pharmacist compound it for you. I have had 2-3 pharmacists around the country contact me through this site as they were willing to compound the medication.

In order to find a pharmacist who will make it for you, ask your doctor or your own pharmacist. Usually, within a community, there are a couple of pharmacists who specialize in this. They compound pain meds and topical creams for different conditions. These are the ones you need to find! It make take a little effort on your part, but once you find them all you need is a valid script from your doctor.

Overall it is important to remember that migraines and headaches can be effectively treated. Midrin is fine if you get only one or two mild or moderate migraines per month, and the medication takes them away. However, if you are getting one disabling migraine per month or 2-3 headaches per week, then you need to speak to your provider about a short course of daily headache medication to get the problem under control.

As always, lifestyle changes have the greatest positive effect on managing migraine so don't forget about those.

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