Management Of Food Sensitivities

Management of food sensitivities can be done. One of the things I get asked on occasion is about the link between migraine and food allergies or sensitivities. If you know or suspect that you have sensitivities then you might be interested in the information here and how these sensitivities are related to medical conditions.

What are food sensitivities? Believe it or not there has been research done in this area. Joan Breakey MS RD has done research on several hundred families who had a variety of medical conditions thought to be associated with food sensitivities.

Sensitivities occur when you eat a food item that causes a hypersensitivity reaction resulting in itching, hives or abdominal pain. The medical conditions associated with food sensitivity include:

Since Joan is a adjuct medical professional, I decided to review her book. Here is a FREE ebook on food sensitivity. available that was written by Joan. It is basically the background that you need to see if you have a connection between the food you eat and your medical problems.

After reading the free book I purchased the full text book and plan that she offers. I myself have migraine food triggers and have documented them over the years, so I am VERY interested in the theory of food allergies causing migraine and headache. Members of my family with migraine, have also suffered from fluctuating eczema for many years. Hmmm...

Joan talks about how to become your own detective when figuring this out and exactly how to calculate the "total body load" of chemicals and food stuffs that you are sensitive too.

In reality what she has done is turn years (and I mean years!) of research and observation clinically into her Master's thesis. And this is what she offers. I did buy a copy and share it with the family members who have migraine. They were impressed and changes have been made in diet and lifestyle. Allergy and food sensitivity appears to have a connection, you just have to find the connection.

Most of the time today, when someone is selling their ebook, you are luck if you get 50-60 pages for $19.99. Joan is offering eleven chapters and 130 pages for that price.

Interested? Click on the photo below which will take you to her page for purchase of "Are You Food Sensitive?" to learn more about management of food sensitivities.

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