Identify Prescription Drugs: Prescription Pill Identification

How do you identify prescription drugs? Knowing prescription pill identification can help you to save money and even might save your life.

There is one other reason to be able to know your medications: it may help you avoid counterfeit drugs or a substituted generic. Conterfeit drugs? Well believe it or not, there is an illegal industry surrounding fake drugs. These prescriptions are very expensive to manufacture, but if someone can find a way to make a look-alike pill, then they stand to make a LOT of money.

Here Are Tips

  • Recognize what your pills look like. When you visit the pharmacy, make sure you get the same medication each time. Generics for the same drug may vary and look different.
  • Avoid buying from foreign pharmacies online. I know..cheaper. BUT this has become a major source of counterfeit drugs.
  • If your drugs come in a box, know the maker and logo and compare them month to month.
  • Never consume medications from a box that looks like it has been opened. This refers to pre-packaged prescriptions and over the counter medications.
  • Check with a drug database such as prescription pill identification wizard at Drugs.com.

As a healthcare provider, I regularly refer to Drugs.com or even Rxlist.com for information regarding medications, dosing and side effects. You didn't think we have all that memorized did you? Like many other providers, I am intimately familiar with about 30-50 drugs used regularly in our practice...but beyond that we look things up.

Remember, cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to your health.

If cost is a real concern, you may qualify for patient assistance through the pharmaceutical manufacturer. There are also foundations that will provide prescription coverage. Here is where you can find resources for free prescriptions. As always, speak to your own provider. Many offices have sample closets bulging with free samples so all you have to do is ask. Samples can also help you identify prescription drugs.

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