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What are your headache symptoms? Headache symptoms can often be confusing and many times there are overlapping symptoms for different types. For instance, both tension and migraine can present with photophobia, or aversion to light. They can also both have nausea and fatigue.

Another common mistake is to confuse sinus headache symptoms with those of migraine. Why? Because almost 40% of all migraine occurs around the nose and as a result is often mistaken for "sinus".

Too often, many new patients will come to me complaining of pain at the back of the head which is throbbing and "grabbing". This is a form of neck pain called cervicogenic headache.

Episodic headaches are those that occur less than 15 days per month, if over 15 days per month the headaches are considered chronic. This applies to all types of head pain including tension, cluster, migraine, neuralgias and all headaches in general.

Causes Of Headache And Influencing Factors

Several of the following contribute to headache symptoms:

Many different types of headache means many different headache symptoms. Visit the other pages on this site for more information and don't forget to "Ask The Expert" if you have a question about your pain.

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