Headache Products

Below are headache products, such as books, neck support pillows and massage items. All of the items you see listed, I have either personally tried and use currently, or I have reviewed them.

Migraine Headache Products

Interested in the Chiroflow pillow? Read my full review of the chiroflow pillow here.

Migraine Food Triggers

Here is a review of "Are You A Food Sensitive? written by Joan Breakey, RD a registered dietician. She is one of the few dieticians specializing in food sensitvities, and has done research for years on the subject. The book is basically the result of her PhD work and quite good.

Alternative Therapies

There are many alternative herbal therapies for conditions related to migraine. I have reviewed the ingredients of several and there are a few that are good combination therapies.
  • For sleep troubles, Melatrol is a nice option. It contains melatonin AND valerian, a perfect combination for a gentle sleep. They even offer a free trial.
  • Vitamins such as B2 are a research proven good option for migraineurs. Combinations such as Migralief have B2, feverfew and magnesium. You can find Migralief and other headache products at the Headache-Adviser online store.

As an affiliate for Amazon and other companies, I do receive a small commission of a one or two dollars per sale. I want you to know this as I will never recommend a product or service I have not personally tried. That is why there are so few headache products on this site. My first concern is patient care. Period.

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