Headache for 3 weeks

by Emma


i have had headaches for the past 3 weeks and its always on the left side of my forehead some times on and off though out the day or it stays there all day and night.

i can't sleep or eat as i feel sick with it, i went to the doctors on monday 15th aug 2011, and the doctor did some tests but all came bk ok, i went for a blood test yesterday,so i have got to wait for them to come bk but in the mean time my doctor has gave me tramadols 50mg to help with headaches but they don't seem to be working all they do is make me sleepy.

any help will be greatful..



Hi Emma,

I am glad you went to the doctor about this. You do not mention what the diagnosis is but I am assuming with pain on one side and nausea it many be a migraine.

Call the doctor's office and let them know that the tramadol is ineffective. You may not have to be seen just to get the medication switched.

Sometimes, people do well with a low dose of steroid for a week or two, to break the headache. This will work even if a severe tension headache. Additionally, ask if you can have something for nausea as if it is a migraine, many nausea meds will also treat a migraine.

Good luck,

Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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Three month headache

by Amber
(Mount Juliet, Tennessee, United Sates.)

Chronic Daily Headache

Chronic Daily Headache

I have had a constant headache for three months now, every single day, all day and it constantly wakes me up from my sleep. It's been causing me pain down my entire spine. Doctors ruled out Brain tumors, lesions, and missing hormones, but I don't know what there is left to do. Is there anything else this could be or what's causing this?


Hi Amber,

If all medical causes have been ruled out, a headache that runs down the back is usually a form of chronic spasm. Have you had an MRI or CT of the cervical spine? Even small herniated or bulging discs of the spine can result in muscular spasms of the shoulders and neck. This then radiates up over the scalp and down the back.

The pain can range from dull and bothersome all the way to excruiciating.

Physical therapy, massage and anti-spasmotic medication has to be used all at the same time. If the muscles are relaxed enough the PT and massage therapist can do their job.

If your doctor says it is another type of headache then you need to see a specialist. The good news is that one of the top national headache specialists is in Tennessee. Her name is Dr. Jan Brandes. I have met her at conferences and have been on speaker panels with her and she is quite nice.

Address:300 20th Ave. No., Suite 603
Nashville, TN 37203


Good luck..you deserve some relief.
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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5 month headache


My name is Bridget and I am 16 years old. I have had a headache for the past five months 24/7. It feels like constant pressure on the left side of my head around my ear. The amount of pressure ranges from bearable to bad but its always noticeable. At worst I get nauseous and light headed.

Recently Iv returned from camp and the pressure has spread to the right side of my head as well and a little at the top of my forehead. Its gotten a lot worse and wile before I could go out and bear threw it I now find myself always wanting to stay home.

I feel like Iv tried just about everything. I seen a neurologist who prescribed me naproxen, topiramate, indomethacin, and an anti depressant that i forget the name of but stopped taking after a short period of time because it made me...unhappy. I have also taken the simple Tylenol type stuff. none of them have worked at all relieving the pressure.

Iv gotten cat and mri scans a couple months ago and they all turned up normal. Iv also been seeing a chiropractor frequently which has also failed to help.

I think I do have anxiety, and I don't think this constant headache has been making it any better haha. I'm really scared and its consuming my life. please, I would be incredibly thankful if you could give me anymore help or more solutions I haven't thought of. Without this i don't know what I'm going to do.



Hi Bridget,

Well it sounds like you are a good example of "pills" not working to solve headache problems.

You do not mention whether or not you have any neck pain, but with the symptoms you are describing, 9 times out of 10 it is coming from spasming in the neck. We call this cervicogenic headache. Read the information on this page and see what you think. This usually causes a "pressure" sensation on the head.

Thanks for listing the medications you have tried. One thing not on the list is an anti-spasmotic. There is a gentle anti-spasmotic on the market that is not sedating..Skelaxin. Another good choice may be tizanidine taken before bed time.

Go back to the doctor, and ask about your neck. If that is addressed properly, then the head will settle down. Once under control, if not exercising 3 times a week then start. This will help with the neck spasms and with your mood. Make sure you tell the doctor about the reaction to the anti-depressant as we do take those things seriously in teenagers.

Try not to be too anxious. I suspect you are, simply because you may not have ever been really sick. Remember the MRI is normal so there is nothing wrong with your brain.

Take care..
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

PS..do not sleep on more than one pillow at night..causes the neck to be out of alignment and then more spasms.

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Headache for over 3 months

I traveled to Mexico in June.. Our car there didn't have ac and it was way over 110 degrees. I got a headache there and it's like a pressure in my head and ever heart beat was like a hammer banging on my head.. Ever since I got home I still get these headaches is it something that I should be concerned by or is this something that will go away.. And one more thing on worse days I feel like my nose is about to bleed but never has. I am 21 one years old 6ft 195lb don't smoke or drink.




Although a little unusual, it is possible the exposure to excessive heat has triggered migraines for you. I routinely hear this from some patients that high heat and humidity will do this.

If you have never had headaches before and these have been ongoing for a few weeks, you need to see your doctor for proper treatment. I suspect that by this time you have probably tried over the counter medications and they have been only partially effective.

Tell the doc everything!

Good luck
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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