Headache for five days now...

by Tamara

Hi my name is Tamara, i have been having a headache for the past five days now with only a two hour break on the fourth day in. The pain is light to moderate and is located at my temple and the back of my head when i lay down (only the last 2 days for the back of my head) i have a lot of tension in my forehead, when i lift my brows and in the back of my eyes sometimes (very mild) and my nose bridge (sometimes) my throat also feels a little funny and it feels like my hair hurts.

I have had headaches before but not like this or for this long and pain killers are not helping for very long. i also take Aleve for chest pain because i suffer from anxiety and depression and was told to take it daily by my doc so im wondering if it could be the cause of my headache.

i went to the hospital and they asked me questions and asked me to do some random stuff to check my motor skills and said i was fine and they don't see a need to do any test because headache is the only symptom, sent me home with T #3 and said its a cluster/migraine with some tension and i should come back if there is any changes or other things start to happen.

I can function with my normal daily routine but its really annoying and i find the more i worry about it the worse it gets. The T #3 does help the but it makes me sleepy so i dont want to take it too often. Oh! i also get relief when i chew gum and the occasional throbing at the top of my head...

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tamara C


Hi Tamara,

You are right about the anxiety fueling your headache profile. The more you worry about the headache the worse it will become.

It is a little confusing that you were given 3 different headache diagnoses from the ER. migraines are very different from cluster headaches. They were most probably right that the pain at the back of the head is a tension type of headache that we call cervicogenic headache. Here is more about headaches and neck pain.

If there is no medical reason as to why you could not take sumatriptan for a migraine then you need to ask your doctor for this. Exercise will improve your headaches (give it 90 days) as well as lower your anxiety. In fact, I have patients who came off medication through regular exercise. They can even break a migraine just by working out!

Talk to your doctor about treatments. One last thing..I know you are in Canada and insurance may dictate this, but a change in your headache profile warrants imaging of the brain. We prefer and MRI but if they will only approve a CT, then you should have one done.

Good luck!
Mary Kay Betz MS RPA-C

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Follow up...
by: Tamara

Hi Mary, Thank you for your reply. A few days ago i went back to the hospital and now there saying its just a really bad tension headache thats been around daily for the past two weeks. They also did a cat scan/blood work and it came back normal, gave me antidepression meds and sent me home. I dont have the shoulder and neck pain any more but i still have the headache. I have pressure in my forehead, pain in my temple with or without touching it, at the top of my head when i put slight pressure on it, and yeaterday i had a "ice pick headache" at the bottom left side of my head. The pain is still never sevear just mild to moderate and i feel it most when i lay down and for about fifteen to thirty min when i wake up and then its mild throughout the day. I also have fatigue, and im not eating very well since this. and tired eyes.


At this point Tamara, you need to see your doctor to discuss further options. Stay on the anti-depressant if it is helping (some are anti-spasmotics also) until the doctor can sort it out.

Mary Kay

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