Headache for about a month!

by Pixel2
(California )

I'm am a healthy 21 year old lady that has become frustrated with this non stop headache!! I have had it for about a month now, it's pretty mellow I guess but just annoying enough to ruin my day and make me cry because I just want to feel normal again :( it's always bad when I first wake up, then after a cup of coffee I feel a little better for a couple hours and then it comes back again... I did have a strained muscle in my neck( I think, doctor never confirmed, I had to look online to diagnose myself) a while ago, it was a deep muscle and it hurt to swallow for about a week. Then I'm guessing about a week later my headache started with a migraine and mellowed down to what it is now. I did go to the doc and told her I had a migraine with a aura( I always get those first) super blurred vision, so she prescribed me migraine meds and told me to get off my birth control pill because that could cause the aura, which could lead to stroke?.. And she basically didn't think much of my bigger problem... THE CONSTANT HEADACHE! I'm at a loss and need answers :( help!!!!


It sounds like status migrainosus (headache over 3 days). At this point I would ask the doctor for a Medrol dose pak which is a short dose of steroid and can break the headache.

FYI..birth control pills do not cause the aura. But migraine with aura, combined with birth control pills can increase the risk of stroke in some people.

Mary Kay

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