Headache After Exercise

Headache after exercise can be like getting hit on the head by a sledgehammer. There you are, working out, sweating, feeling good and BAM. It hits. Generally this type of headache occurs either during or just after and aerobic work out.

Sometimes it is only a mild headache, but other times it can be a severe throbbing headache.

If this is a new incident, and you have never had this happen before, it could be an emergency headache. If so, call your doctor's office immediately. If you are having weakness, visual problems or speech trouble with this headache..get to the emergency room now!

Most of the time this type of headache is a type of migraine also known as a "benign exercise induced headache."

Since it is a bit unusual, if it is the first time you have had this, even if you have had other migraines, an MRI is not out of the question.

This type of headache is very similar to headaches that occur during sex, also known as "sex headaches".

Are there other things that can provoke a headache after exercise? Yes..forgetting to hydrate yourself beforehand can cause a headache as can not eating enough. If you are in the habit of exercising first thing in the morning, you might be able to get away without eating first if you are young. But as we age, the body becomes less tolerant of this. The result is a headache. Lifestyle changes may help prevent an exercise induced headache.

headache after exercise

  • Treatment Of Headache After Exercise

Treatment of this condition is fairly straightforward. Generally, I start with a low dose of propranolol which is a beta-blocker anti-hypertensive that works for headaches. I tell the patient to take 10mg about one half hour before exercising.

If this is not successful I may increase it to 20mg, but since this drug can reduce exercise tolerance by lowering heart rate, generally I don't go over that dose. Most people don't have a problem at the low dose and can still work out.

Failing that, Naprosyn before exercise is also an option. Rarely, a few people have to be on daily medication for awhile to get this under control. Usually Verapamil is a good option.

As for headaches due to lack of food or water...well the treatment for that is obvious right?

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