Fibromyalgia And Pregnancy: Pregnancy And Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and pregnancy...is this something to worry about? If you are newly pregnant and have history of fibromyalgia this may be one of the first thoughts going through your mind. Inital signs and symptoms of pregnancy, such as fatigue, may be confused with symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is important to get a pregnancy diagnosis as soon as possible, and then learn about both conditions. Although you can use at home pregnancy testing and they are very sensitive, it is always best to visit your OB/GYN physician for confirmation.

Management and treatment of pregnancy and fibromyalgia is possible. It is important that you, as a patient, talk to both your OB/GYN and your fibro specialist. Now who would that be? It can be either a rheumatologist or a neurologist. More and more neurologists are treating this condition as it is now recognized as a hypersensitivity of the peripheral nervous system.

Effects Of Fibromyalgia On Pregnancy

fibromyalgia and pregnancy, pregnancy and fibromyalgia

Unfortunately, there have been very few studies looking at the effects of fibromyalgia and pregnancy together. One study from Temple University showed that women with fibromyalgia seemed to have an increase in their pain levels during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time when hormones are rising rapidly, and other conditions such as headaches may occur. In fact, if you have migraine with your fibromyalgia, the migraines may get worse for awhile.

Stress During Pregancy

Whether you are pregnant or not, a trigger for fibromyalgia is stress. With the change in hormones, the impending pregnancy and an increase in your size, you will experience an increase in your stress levels. It is important to realize how this will effect your fibromyalgia in that it may increase your pain levels. Keep in mind too that the stress levels may increase after delivery and as a new mother you will have disruptive sleep cycles for awhile and a pressured schedule.

Medications During Pregnancy

At the present time there are no fibromyalgia medications that are deemed safe during pregnancy if you have symptoms of fibromyalgia. I would recommend that you speak to your physicians as you may have to discontinue any antidepressants or pain medications. In particular, tri-cyclic antidepressants should be discontinued.

Treatments For Pregnancy And Fibromyalgia

There is one medication you may have during pregnancy for pain and it is Tylenol. Be sure to discuss this with your physician.

Other treatments that would help are massage, rest, yoga and meditation. Be sure to rest 2-3 times a day for about 20 minutes. If you have alot of fibromyalgia trigger points, moist warm heat to the area may help as will hot showers. Do not use a hot spa or whirlpool if pregnant as this may damage the fetus.

Exercises for fibromyalgia and pregnancy are important for the course of the syndrome. Read more information about exercises for fibromyalgia.

You can join the Fibromyalgia Network and get more help for your fibromyalgia symptoms. There is also very effective medicine for fibromyalgia if you are not pregnant.

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