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Too many times I hear of patients who cannot afford migraine medications because of cost. So how can eHealth Insurance help? The cost of prescription drugs continues to increase.

Not only do you get just a few pills when filling your prescription, but some people have co-pays over $100!! Others cannot afford that so they purchase only one or two pills, or worse, start using cheaper over the counter meds to treat headaches and other syndromes.

Most Americans have healthcare coverage (about 70%) but what about the rest? Most of those are in between Medicaid (make too much money)and a job with benefits, and are working just for the paycheck with no benefits.

Welcome to health care insurance and discounts online. Perhaps you might qualify for this and be able to afford some of the medications you need to get the pain under control.

eHealth Insurance is suitable for:

  • Students
  • Families
  • Individuals
  • Small Business
  • Supplemental prescription coverage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Gap Coverage Between Jobs

One of the nice options is discount cards that are good for decreased cost on prescriptions, vision care, and even the chiropractor!

Visit eHealth and click on "Discount Cards".

Compare free quotes for health insurance online!

Remember, effective treatment means pain reduction. You deserve to have a productive pain free life with help from eHealth Insurance.

Other options are to consider a patient assistance program. Vitually all of the major pharmaceutical companies have these prescription coupons and assitance programs.

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