Chiropractor Headache

by Jennifer
(Columbus, Ohio)

Hi there, I am 38 years old and am female. I went to a chiropractor 3.5 yrs. ago who was not experienced, of course I did not know this at the time.

He did some neck adjustments that were so forceful that I ended up with severe whiplash and what I believe was also a severe concussion. I had pain behind my left eye and would have tremors or possible seizures that would happen during the night. I also could not move my neck what so ever for a year and a half. It was extremely traumatic. I was unable to do anything to hold this chiropractor accountable, either, I tried to report him, but nothing really came of it. All around a very frustrating horrible awful experience!!

I STILL, even after all this time, will occasionally have the neck pain, and also a very strange, dull pain in back of my left eye that makes it feel more like 'car sickness' and that my left eye is having trouble 'tracking' while reading or watching TV. SO frustrating!! I do not know what to do any more! Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Jennifer,

First of all my deepest apologies for taking so long to answer you. I had a death in the family just about the time you wrote to me, so this aspect of my website was on hold for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, chiropractors are just like anyone else in the healthcare profession. Most of them are good, some are really great,..but a few are not so good. I have had a few patients come to me with worsening neck and head pain after chiro manipulations.

First of all, if you have not had an MRI of the brain I would recommend this. We usually do an MRA of the neck to rule out any pathology after manipulations such as arterial dissection. After several years I doubt that this is happening to you as this is more of an acute condition after a manipulation.

It is possible that you are having a form of migraine that is a bit atypical. The sensation of dysequilibrium (car sick) is common with migraine. If it is migraine, you most probably would get relief from appropriate medication such as a triptan.

Given your history and symptoms, I would recommend that you see a neurologist for further work up. The neurologist can also order an EEG which looks at brainwaves, and can rule out any seizures. It is a bit unusual to have seizures after this type of problem, but the doctor can work that out for you.

Good luck!
Mary Kay Betz, MS RPA-C

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