Chiroflow Pillow

The chiroflow pillow is a great headache pillow. Especially if you have migraine, headache or neck pain from cervical fusions.

The chiroflow pillow is a product that I personally have used, and have even repurchased when it was worn out! I received the recommendation for this pillow from a physical therapist when I developed severe spasming in my neck after a lifting injury.

You may have also heard of its other name, the mediflow pillow. They are actually the same product, just different names.

  • What Is So Great About This Headache and Neck Pain Pillow?

Purchase The Chiroflow Water Pillow

Simple. It has a water pillow insert INSIDE a regular pillow. Unlike foam, down, husk pillows or even curved pillows, this neck pain pillow supports your neck no matter which way you roll around at night!

I couldn't believe what a difference it made the very first night I slept on it, and I have had one now for 10 years. Now the spasms didn't disappear overnight and to this day I occasionally have a flare up. But with a short course of medication, physical therapy for the neck and this pillow I healed very quickly.

I have recommended this pillow to hundreds of patients in my practice and with very few exceptions, they all returned and told me how great it was. Many people confessed they take it on vacation! Others told me how their spouses tried to steal the Chiroflow pillow from them, and they were forced to buy another one.

I have my own family members sleeping on this pillow and they too love it.

The pillow is composed of an outer, very soft hypoallergenic filling. It is a little softer than foam and I found it very comfortable. The inner part is a water pouch which is surrounded by a theraml protector to prevent heat loss. The water pouch also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal lining. I usually tell my patients to fill it half way with water (it comes with a spout to do this) and then try it out.

  • So What's The Downside?

When you first fill the water insert, the directions are to fill it half way and try it out. You may have to add more or less water. Some people have complained to me that the pillow is heavy to lift and move once filled. Compared to a regular pillow, it weighs a few pounds but it certainly did not stop me from trying it or recommending it.

Once sealed, the pillow does not have to be refilled. It also does NOT leak. Generally speaking, you should replace it once every 1-2 years just like any other pillow.

You can click on the link below to purchase a Chiroflow pillow with its protective, washable cover.

Get the Chiroflow Water Pillow

Not convinced? What about the headache or neck pain sufferer in your life? This would make a great gift to ease their pain. Surprise them with this and you won't be sorry!

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