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Just what is the best headache medication? Sometimes when I see a new patient, those are practically the first words out of their mouths. It is entirely understandable as many people go through pill after pill searching for the best headache cure. Just how do you know which is the best migraine headache relief medication for you?

Unfortunately, one size doesn't fit all and this is very true in headache treatments.

What I tell many people is that first of all start at the beginning. Work with your provider to determine what type of headache you have.

Once your diagnosis has been determined (or diagnoses as many people have more than one type of headache) recognize that some medications may be used for multiple conditions. If you have high blood pressure, then an anti-hypertensive might be a good choice. Similarly, if you have depression, there are anti-depressants that are very effective in treating migraine.

When treating a headache at the onset of pain, the best medications by far are what are called abortive medications and here it might be trial and error until you find the one that works the best. Ideally you want your medication to start working within 1/2 hour and to get rid of the headache completely within 2 hours. Many people are interested in the new drug Treximet for migraine and the new needle free injectable, Sumavel Dose Pro.

Ibuprofen Dosage

One of the most common ways to treat headaches and migraines is to use over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, tylenol, advil or excedrine. While this might be fine if you have only a few headaches per month, if you are having multiple headaches per week, this is not a good idea. At this point you may be moving into what is now classified as "headache due to medication overuse" formerly called analgesic rebound headaches. Are you concerned about ibuprofen dosage or ibuprofen side effects?

What about the other OTC (over the counter) medications? Read more about:

In the long run, once you find the best headache medication which is right for YOU..stick with it for awhile! More often than not you will need at least 90 days in order to judge whether or not it is working.

Neurological drugs do not take effect immediately. Unfortunately, the longer you have been in pain, the longer it might take to get things under control. When we treat adolescents for example, they tend to respond to medications, vitamins and lifestyle modifications faster than adults. This could be because their brains are still growing, whereas adult brains are done growing. Similarly, chronic pain in adults has gone on for years which is not the case with teens. The longer the pain, the more the nervous system modulates and changes in response to this, thereby making treatment a little more difficults. When it comes to treatments,many times these meds are combined with medication for nausea. Compazine and Reglan treat not only nausea, but also bind to pain pathways in the brain and can blunt the pain of a migraine.

Here is a complete review of headache and migraine medication. These are the best headache medications that are most sucessful when taken at the onset of a headache.

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