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Headache-Adviser Newsletter, Issue #007-- Occipital Stimulation and Headaches
June 29, 2008

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I just returned from a week in Boston at the annual scientific meeting for the Americal Headache Society. This is the meeting where new research in the field of headaches is discussed.

One of the biggest topics (they spent most of a day on it!) was the advances in the use of occipital stimulation for treatment of headaches.

The headache type it seems to benefit most is cluster headache but there is some benefit for migraine.

Dr. Richard Lipton has done research in the area and several neurosurgeons across the US are doing the procedure as are doctors in Europe.

Basically, the small electrical stimulator overstimulates the nerves which feedback to the areas of the brain responsible for registering cluster and migraine triggers.

Some patients have been headache free since the stimulators were put in place.

If you have severe cluster headaches or migraines that don't respond to treatment this might be a new option for you! Get to one of the headache centers offering this.

Here's To Headache Free Days!

Take care..

Mary Kay Betz, MS RPA-C
Physician Assistant

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