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Headache-Adviser Newsletter, Issue #005-- Caffeine and Your Headaches
April 28, 2008

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The holidays are over..Christmas, Easter, family is long gone and it is back to the routine of work, kids and home. Perhaps more work than you like so what to do? It is so easy to slip back into habits when over stressed..hey we have all done it right?

As a headache person you know that you have to a rigid lifestyle but at times it does get tiresome to say the least. So out comes the coffee to get going in the moring. Tax time is here for some of you and financial pressures..stay up late...more coffee.

Gotta run here, run there on the weekends getting everything done..more coffee. Hey let's stop at Starbucks because that is faster! Did you know why their coffee is so appealing to you? Their caffeine content is very high.

Read more about caffeine content of popular drinks.

I know it might be difficult, but try to cut back on the caffeine as it really does irritate your brain and cause more headaches. Don't stop immediately or you will have a very bad rebound headache for a day or two..just cut back. 1-2 cups of coffee a day is OK for most headache patients...1-2 POTS of coffee isn't.

Here's To Headache Free Days!

Take care..

Mary Kay Betz, MS RPA-C
Physician Assistant

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