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Headache-Adviser Newsletter, Issue #004-- Taking Headache Seriously
March 27, 2008

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A recent survey in the United Kingdom estimated that up to 65% of all migraines are not treated properly. I bet this doesn't surprise you, the headache sufferer.

Many providers and researchers in the field of headaches now believe that migraine is a chronic disease state and needs to be addressed that way in the literature and at the patient/provider level.

Some of the responses to the survey are quoted below:

"Finding [ways] of coping is a very big source of stress, as I am doing badly at university because I can't prevent the migraines."

"There is no effective treatment that I have found, and no drugs that work. I have taken time off work, but the biggest cost to my life is having to spend a day/two days in bed and missing life."

"I was diagnosed at the age of seven with hemiplegic migraine, and 24 years later I am still struggling to manage my condition. My life is totally controlled by my condition and it is totally frustrating being unable to reach my true potential."


"There is no `managing' my condition. I have to live with it daily. Migraine can be so severe that it affects you every day…If you find an answer, let me know!"

I am sure some of you can relate to these comments. For more information on the survey visit UK Headache Survey

So what is the answer? Become an advocate! If you only educate those around you, at home and at work, then change will come. As more and more information is spread through personal contact and through the media (including the internet!) recognition of migraine as a disease will happen.

Don't forget to reach out for help if you need it, whether it be your doctor or a close friend.

Here's To Headache Free Days!

Take care..

Mary Kay Betz, MS RPA-C
Physician Assistant

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