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Headache-Adviser Newsletter, Issue #003-- Winter Weather Headaches
February 24, 2008

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In these dragging days of winter, I have come to notice something. We are starting to have slightly warmer winters in the Northeast and therefore more temperature fluctuations.

I mean it can go from 55 degrees F to 22 in one day!

What happens next? The phones start ringing as everyone starts getting more migraines. Remember, barometric pressure changes can be one of the biggest triggers of migraine.

I always said that March was my busiest headache month of the I am not so sure!

So how do you combat the effects of weather? Since we are not quite sure yet why barometric pressure changes cause migraine, perhaps prevention is the key.

So don't forget that magnesium, vitamins and feverfew, can help prevent headaches. I am currently recommending to those who can tolerate it, 600-800mg of magnesium per day. In some people this seems to help with the "weather" headaches.

Another consideration, if you can't take extra magnesium daily, is to just take a dose of 200-400mg on a bad weather day. This may help blunt the headache.

Hope this helps!

Here's To Headache Free Days!

Mary Kay Betz, MS RPA-C

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