Claritin d Sinus Headache

Claritin D and sinus headache

I decided to add a bit about Claritin D Sinus Headache simply because I get asked about it so much!

Now I don't know where you live, but in my area it seems as if every other person suffers from "sinus". That's what they call it here. Just "sinus". It means chronic sinus headache.

In reality there are rarely cases with this diagnosis. You have to have it show up on a CT of the sinuses. Acute sinus infections, yes. You know..the fever, chills and green stuff coming out your nose!

So what's up? Well, migraine is associated with nasal congestion. If the migraine is mild or centered over the forehead, most people think ..sinus headache!

They reach for Claritin D, and voila! The nasal decongestion disappears so therefore it must be "sinus".

Over time, the "D" part of Claritin D makes the headaches worse as this is a pseudafed product. It binds to nerve tissue and causes some excitation which in turn promotes more headache. It also keeps you up at night and raises blood pressure. As a headache person you really don't need this.

Now, don't misunderstand..if you have a true head cold, whether viral or bacterial, then a short course of Claritin D just might be the answer. By short, I mean 10 days to two weeks. Anything beyond that will make an existing headache profile worse. I should mention that this is especially true if you are recovering from post-traumatic headaches or have chronic migraines that occur more than once a week.

Side effects of Claritin D include upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, nightmares, insomnia, palpitations and anxiety.

So...if you want to cut down your headache frequency, stop the Claritin D sinus headache by getting rid of the Claritin D. Chances are you really don't need it anyway. Read more about medical causes of headaches.

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