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Wondering what causes headache? If you have migraines or chronic daily headache you have come to the right place. In pain right now? Read on..

If you tired of trying to figure out what causes headache,...RELAX..I am here to help you. Not only have I suffered for years from migraines, but I am also a healthcare professional, who practices headache medicine. I practice in neurology and see hundreds of headache patients per month. I have lectured nationally on the subject of headache.

The first time I was hit with a migraine was so memorable. I was in high school and enrolled in an advanced chemistry course. The stress was high, the pressure was on to perform at a level I had never known before. Then BAM! One day in class, right before an exam, my head felt like it was going to blow up. One side was throbbing with horrible pain, I felt like throwing up and wished everyone would leave me alone...

At that time, there was no information or treatment for teens with migraine. Basically I was told.."Well it is JUST a headache." I am sure many of you have heard this before when trying to describe your migraine headache symptoms.

As a result, like many others, I did not receive adequate treatment for years...30 of them as a matter of fact. But now that has changed, I practice as a specialist in this area, and believe that chronic daily headaches can be managed. Yes..they can, I have done it. See? You are not the only one with horrible pain. Most victims are women and many of us suffer in silence. While there is no quick cure, there IS management for what causes headaches.

Migraine And Other Headaches

The Disability of Migraine

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This site was developed with fellow migrainers and headache sufferers in mind. Management of symptoms is here, in addition to resources to help you find a headache specialist.

Although the most common headache is tension headache, the majority of these are mild and do not cause a person to seek advice from a medical professional. The most common headache that is severe enough to require treatment is migraine. Most of you who are searching for information on "what causes headache" through the internet are migraineurs.

Here, I cover not only what causes headache, but a spectrum of other headaches and treatments. Through lifestyle changes, alternative therapies and medications, this condition can be effectively managed and allow you to have a normal life. No more missing work, family outings and just normal daily living routine. You can stop spending your time on the couch or worrying about when the next headache will strike. You will also learn how to manage your stress which is the most common source of "what causes headache". Yes, it is the job, stressors at home and things that keep you awake at night!

Hopefully, you will also find information that will allow you to speak to family, friends, and co-workers about your condition. Medical science is now coming to the realization that this type of pain may be called a disease state. Indeed, migraines are now referred to as "attacks". I work in one of the largest headache centers in the United States. We are doing headache research to find out "what causes headache" on a daily basis. With each protocol, we come closer and closer to finding answers. With more and more knowledge about the situation, we can then develop new treatments to fight migraine attacks.

This site also has the Migraine Headache Blog, which will keep you up to date on newest headache treatments as does the Headache-Adviser.com Newsletter. You can get this problem under control and relief is possible! Be sure to visit the Ask The Expert page where you can ask me about your situation and find out "what causes headache".

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Here are the most popular topics about what causes headache:

"Tonight I had a headache that I've had for over 12 hours. I lay in bed all day and still it did not go away. It was one of those that I know from past experience would turn into a migraine if I aggravated it at all. So I clicked over to your site and started reading. On the Holistic Treatment page, I read your recommendation for magnesium. So I went to my cupboard and found a multivitamin with magnesium in it and took 3 and 2 Aleves. That was maybe an hour or so ago, and I just noticed that my headache pain is receding. It's still lurking in the back of my head wanting to rear its ugly head again, but it is no longer in the forefront tearing my eyes out. Thanks for the advice, and I wanted to say that your site is lovely." Sincerely, Terri Ng

"Mary Kay, When I said 'Thank You', I meant it from the bottom of my heart. You have given me back my life. I will pay it forward..forever in your debt." Sincerely, Mary G.

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